Simon Krol, Takes on the Alps for Owen McVeigh


Our Director Simon Krol took on the Alps to raise awareness for The Owen McVeigh Foundation in August, climbing 4 of the highest mountains across Europe.

The Alps cover a distance of 1,200 km stretching across eight Alpine countries: France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia.

Simon started his climb at the Aiguille du Midi Mountain, in the Mount Blanc massif within the French Alps, which stands at 3,842 metres before travelling towards Italy for day 2.  Arriving at the Aiguille d’Entreve Mountain, also in the Mount Blanc massif, between the border of France/Italy at 3,604 metre tall. Its rocky summit ridge forms part of the frontier between France and Italy.

Heading onto his next challenge of the Alps, over in Switzerland Simon took to The Breithorn Mountain, situated in the Pennine Alps which has a summit at 4,170 metres where he would have completed this challenge but undeterred by the poor conditions, he decided to tackle The Matterhorn, which was his original stop in Switzerland. The Matterhorn is one of the highest summits in the Alps and across Europe with a summit of 4,478 metres, Simon and his team managed to get past the 4,000 metre mark before turning back due to the conditions but he will be back.

The Owen McVeigh Foundation aim to help children and their families across Merseyside, using donations to create unique experiences and treasured memories.

As the foundation continues to grow, we will continue to support them. Find out more about the Owen McVeigh Foundation: