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Project The Lowry Hotel Manchester
Project Value £1.6M
Project Type Operational Refurbishment
Project Duration 9 Weeks
The Project

The Lowry Hotel is a five star hotel in Manchester with a high standard of facilities including conferencing, restaurant and bar, spa and a number of suites. The hotel is often the accommodation of choice for celebrities and VIPs visiting the city and is also busy with events and non-resident customers.

To maintain its prestige in a competitive environment, The Lowry Hotel has embarked on a rolling programme of upgrades and refurbishment to key areas. Following an initial brief to carry out an operational refurbishment of washroom facilities on the first and second floor, Krol Corlett has now completed a further four projects at the hotel: the Presidential Suite; the reception and lobby; the restaurant and bar; and five suites.

All five projects have been completed to business critical deadlines in response to guest bookings.

The Scope of Works for Krol Corlett


The first of Krol Corlett’s projects at The Lowry Hotel involved refurbishment of the washrooms on the first and second floors. These washrooms are available to guests and visitors using the conferencing facilities so they had to remain operational during business hours.

Delivered as a fast-track, six-week programme, the upgrade to the washrooms included the installation of new sanitary ware, taps and hand dryers, along with an upgrade to decorative finishes. Meticulous planning and co-ordination were vital to optimise availability and the majority of the work was completed during the night. Isolations of plumbing and electrical services were carried out at the start of the working period each evening and services were restored before the start of the following day’s event schedule.

Temporary partitions were used to enable access to as much of the washroom area as possible during operational hours, while protecting the work area and managing health and safety requirements.

Presidential Suite

Krol Corlett was able to take vacant possession of the Presidential Suite for a nine-week refurbishment programme for the 300m2 accommodation, which included extensive remodelling and bespoke joinery. Due to an existing booking, the handover date was fixed, regardless of any challenges the strip out and installation uncovered.

Following a full strip out of Presidential Suite and a connecting room, the Krol Corlett team carried out a range of remodelling works, including extending the suite’s master bathroom, extending the dressing room by taking space from the corridor, and removing partitions to create a more open plan layout. New partitioning was added to reconfigure the space.

The mechanical and electrical installation was modified to reflect the new layout and updates to the electrical installation included smart technology and the latest AV equipment.

The project involved a wide range of bespoke joinery, luxurious wall and floor finishes and high-end fixtures and fittings, including a bespoke steam-shower constructed on site and installation of a£10,000 designer bath, imported from Italy.

The Krol Corlett team worked closely with the hotel’s management team to maintain an agile programme of work around any operational restrictions or disruption to guests, and manage movement of work teams and materials to the top floor via the service lift.

Lobby & Reception

To enable refurbishment of the lobby and reception area, a temporary reception and access route were established. The Krol Corlett team erected an acoustic hoarding which isolated the work area, including the central stair core, in order to minimise disruption to guests and enabled a ‘big reveal’ at the end of the project.

The project involved a range of bespoke joinery, including a new reception desk, along with high quality wall and floor finishes and bespoke lighting.

Restaurant & Bar

The Krol Corlett team was able to take vacant possession of the restaurant and bar area for an eight-week fast track programme, which included full strip out, remodelling and new fit-out.

The scope of work included all front of house food preparation areas, new waiter stations, extensive bespoke joinery throughout both the bar and restaurant, custom-made bar areas and new finishes to deliver a fresh interior aesthetic. The Krol Corlett team was responsible for creating new banquette seating and achieving a high-end look and feel with sumptuous wall finishes, engineered timber floors and designer light fittings.

Although the restaurant and bar were closed during the project, the work was carried out in an operational area of the hotel so noise and dust had to be minimised to avoid disruption to guest areas on the same floor and those directly above and below.

Five Suites

For the refurbishment of five suites in a single programme, the Krol Corlett team took vacant possession of all five at once to commence strip out. The programme was then phased to enable staggered completions and ensure each suite went back into service as soon as possible.

The luxury specification included bespoke joinery and high quality finishes, including bespoke sanitary ware and light fittings.

The Krol Corlett team worked around the operational requirements of the hotel, helping to ensure a high-quality guest experience for those staying in nearby rooms through careful management of noise and working patterns.

Throughout all five projects, the Krol Corlett team worked collaboratively with the hotel’s management team to co-ordinate works around operational requirements and optimise availability while achieving business critical handover milestones.

Project Budget: £1,650,000