Krol Corlett aid the major refurbishment of Nugent Cares Allerton Road shop


The major refurbishment of Nugent Care’s Allerton shop began in April 2021, with subcontractors and our team at Krol Corlett working hard to utilise the shop’s space by expanding and improving upon their storage to make it more accessible for customers.

The successful refurbishment then allowed the shop to reopen in May 2021, leading to the team at Nugent receiving many satisfied customers through their doors as well as a record number of sales.

Following the major refurbishment of the shop, Krol Corlett now share a plaque on the wall of the shop to celebrate and recognise the teams and individuals that helped complete this project.

We are thankful to our subcontractors who have provided their time, efforts, and materials to make this project happen and allow them to re-open and wish the team at Nugent care continued success as they support the local community.

Community work and charity support is at the core of everything that we do at Krol Corlett, and we will continue to do our part for the community, helping where we can.